What is the most important source of innovation?


If you paid attention to all the innovation in the past years ,you’ll find microsoft kinect,huminoid robots,intel i7.
you’ll be amazed how are we trying to imitated god’s creation ,we are trying to create something that could think like we do , sense the environment like we do, move like we do.
seeking a perfect design we are trying to imitate the only perfect design we know “the human”.
If you want to be ahead of your time and innovate the next big thing, get back to the basics, watch the living things carefully and try to umderstand it well, attend biological and health conferences,talk to doctors.
Clear your mind and enjoy the nature and your way of thinking will change :).

What is the Difference between Innovation , Creativity and Invention?

Innovation , invention , Creativity

there is confusion about the difference between creativity, innovation and invention. Let us start with some definitions:

Creativity is the capability or act of conceiving something original or unusual.

Innovation is the implementation of something new.

Invention is the creation of something that has never been made before and is recognized as the product of some unique insight.

If you have a brainstorm meeting and dream up dozens of new ideas then you have displayed creativity but there is no innovation until something gets implemented. Somebody has to take a risk and deliver something for a creative idea to be turned into an innovation. An invention might be a product or device or method that has never existed before. So every invention is an innovation. But every innovation is not an invention. When your company first published its website that was a major innovation for the company even though many other websites already existed.

What does it take to be a successful innovation manager?


New positions for innovation and technology managers are layed everyday,most of these job ads are vage and unclear regarding the job describtion.
Here i’ll state the main keyword that they are searching for in an innovation manager.
Interdiscplenary: thats the main and the most important keyword ,remember steve jobs and how successful he was in the innovation management field,the reason why steve jobs was that innovative is the chaliography classes he attended back in stanford,we can say that Steve jobs have added a new thinking module in his brain that gave him a competitive advantage on his competitors and led him to introduce the iPhone , iPod, iPad series before any competitor.
The innovation manager should have a wide interdisciplinary knowledge of basic science and application engineering topics.
He need to have a great market knowledge and to monitor all the trends in the market in order to notice their problems and design their innovative solutions.

Written by :Ahmed abuiliazeed
aka innovation guru.

Why startups fail after acheiving a success?


We saw many cases of startups failing after acheiving a certain success and we all wondered why?
The main difference between an entrepreneurial startup and a regural small business is the innovation.
After a great launch many startups try to be smart and they try to move into a more stable business instead of an innovative business.
So they lose their main competitive advantage after their first immitators.
Continious innovation is the keyword ,if you remove innovation from a startup ,you remove the fuel from a car on the high road.